The ultimate driving experience comes from within. With its golden powertrain,

COOLRAY fully reveals your racing spirit and lets you control every aspect of your drive.


COOLRAY is the first overseas SUV born from BMA platform, with more abundant space, more comfortable chassis and stable control.


The BMA can be visualized as a collection of power, electrical, chassis, and body modules which can be freely combined like building blocks to create an endless variety of vehicles.

BMA platform
1.5TD Engine
COOLRAY equips the 1.5TD Turbo Charged Direct Injection Engine, that, with a maximum power of 130kW and a maximum torque of e255 N·m, will give you that boost that you need on the road and make the driving experience more sporty and powerful.
1.5TD Engine
The 7-speed dual-clutch transmission equipped by COOLRAY has a super fast gear change speed of 0.2 second and a transmission efficiency of 97%. This will guarantee a higher fuel efficiency and lower CO2 emissions.
7DCT Transmission

Ultimate Driving And Control Experience

The steering wheel is adjustable in 4 directions to fit any driver's position.

The paddle shifter provides drivers with a new high-speed experience.


Coming with a distinctly youthful spirit and sporty hi-tech.

LED Headlights
Side Mirror
18 Inch Wheels
Stylish Taillight
Rear Spoiler
Motor Racing Exhaust Pipe
LED headlights
Side mirror
Rear spoiler
Motor Racing Pipe
LED Headlights

With the LED headlights, the dynamic cosmic design feature is emphasized, and the sense of sportiness is strengthened.

Side Mirror

A powerful muscular feeling and precise lines meet in the body side surfacing, which perfectly transitions from the quick kick over the front arch to the gentle connection to the rear.

18 Inch Wheels

Sharp graphics with muscular surfaces create a perfect blend of precision and strength.

Stylish Taillight

Giving a fluid movement to the light.

Rear Spoiler

COOLRAY looks even more vibrant and energetic when the rear spoiler is added.

Motor Racing Exhaust Pipe

Incorporating spirits from the motor sports to give off a strong sense of technological prowess and outstanding performance.

Extreme Spacious Design

The expansive cabin design brings extreme space enjoyment.

Panoramic Sunroof

With 0.84㎡ large viewing area, the panoramic sunroof offers plenty of visual space for rear passengers.

Cargo Space

The trunk in the COOLRAY allows you to carry many large suitcases. The seats can also be completely leveled, adding more space for large items to carry in your car.



COOLRAY comes equipped with the latest intelligent technologies to give you a pleasant driving experience.
Intelligent Space

COOLRAY has all the features you need to enjoy your driving. With screens giving you all the information that you need while on the road, COOLRAY is the perfect driving companion.

High-definition screen for a high-class enjoyment.


The LCD screen ensures a safe driving with all the necessary driving information.


Automatic Parking Assist

The advanced, safe, and hand free automatic parking assistant will help you in all those parking situations where you don't have a clear view. Press one button and let your COOLRAY take care of parking.

Blind Spot Detection

The intelligent blind spot detection system will help you when changing lanes and greatly reduce accidents by monitoring the rear blind area in real time and warning if there are other cars or motorcycles in your blind spot.

360 Degree Camera

With the high 1MP high-resolution panoramic camera, you can have a full view of your surroundings.


COOLRAY has safety features that will protect all passengers. With a strong steel body and 6 airbags, you can drive with peace of mind knowing that your family and friends will be safe in the car.

Strong steel of 1500Mpa and 20% of used hot-formed steel ensure the safety of the car body.
6 airbags provide protection for all the passengers.

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