TUGELLA redefines the design of the car through its dynamic and vigorous elements,
offering a new level of refinement.

Sporty style with a 14° golden fastback angle for a better aerodynamic performance.

The sporty and racing body line is inspired by the stance and proportions of a leaping cat.

The front face of TUGELLA is inspired by a galloping, roaring lion.

The confident and bold L-shaped asymmetrical cabin goes beyond traditional ones.

TUGELLA is the first high-performance sporty SUV built on CMA. With BorgWarner's intelligent 4WD system, 2.0TD and 8AT, it can provide the best driving and riding experience.

Compact Modular Architecture (CMA) is a world-class modular architecture adaptable to a wide variety of power trains, safety systems, and latest technology. The high flexibility of CMA gives more space to engineers and designers to innovate without limits. 


The BorgWarner's intelligent 4WD system can guarantee a better off-road driving experience, intelligent shifting, and extreme performance.

2.0TD Engine

The G-power 2.0TD engine has won the world's "Ward's 10 Best Engines” for three consecutive years (2015-2017). The engine has an advanced direct injection system that can help to lower fuel consumption, lower emissions, and have a higher thermal efficiency.


The 8AT can guarantee a powerful starting with low gear and low fuel consumption at high gears, producing noiseless and smooth gear shifting. Self-learning of shift curve and shift logic is also present in the 8AT. The 8th gear can be engaged at 80km/h, making the car more fuel efficient.



Max. Torque


4 Wheel Drive
The latest intelligent vehicle technologies turn TUGELLA into a smart car providing greater connectivity and convenience. 
HD Screen

The high-tech in-car entertainment equipment will make the travel more interesting. The dual 12-inch screen can also display Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) functions that will make every journey safer.

Driving Modes 

The multiple driving modes NORMAL, ECO, SPORT, SNOW/SAND, OFF ROAD allow TUGELLA to have the best performance in any kind of situation.

Ambient Lights

According to different driving modes, the ambient lights will switch automatically among 8 colors.

Adaptive Cruise Control 

The adaptive cruise control (ACC) is the perfect assistance to help you in different scenarios, from traffic jams in the city, to long trips on the highway. This system adjusts the speed of your TUGELLA automatically, to help maintaining a safe following distance and stay within the speed limit.


This system adjusts Tugella speed automatically, to help maintain a safe following distance and stay within the speed limit

Lane Keeping Assistance

Provides automatic steering to continually keep the vehicle at the center of the lane. This will make sure that you will not unintentionally cross the lane, maintaining an efficient driving and guaranteeing safety when overtaking vehicles.


 Provides automatic steering to continually center the vehicle in its lane

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