Geely Auto Group Launches “Leishen” Global Powertrain Brand
Nov 1, 2021
  • Leishen Power, a new leading intelligent high-efficiency powertrain solutions provider officially launched
  • Leishen’s products include: a world-class modular hybrid powertrain platform; a high-efficiency dedicated hybrid transmissions; new hybrid engines; and new      E-drive systems
  • New powertrain brand part of Geely’s commitment to sustainability, offering consumers sustainable low emission powertrain solutions

2021 November 01, Hangzhou Bay. Geely Auto Group officially released its global powertrain brand “Leishen Power,” a world leading intelligent high-efficiency powertrain brand as well as its new world-class modular intelligent hybrid powertrain platform, Leishen Hi-X.

The new advanced Leishen hybrid platform contains globally-leading technologies including an ultra-high 43.32% thermal efficiency engine, the world’s most advanced 3-speed Dedicated Hybrid Transmission (DHT), 40% reduced fuel consumption NEDC rating, and full powertrain FOTA (Firmware Over the Air) update capabilities.

With the launch of the new powertrain brand, Geely Auto Group released information on several new products including its Leishen Hi-X platform, new high-efficiency hybrid transmissions, new high-efficiency hybrid engines, and new E-drive systems.


The core product of Leishen Power is the Leishen Hi-X platform. The platform offers a revolutionary hybrid power experience, not only in terms of reducing fuel consumption but also a comprehensive upgrade in fuel economy, power, comfort, and intelligence. As a modular intelligent hybrid powertrain platform, Hi-X is the industry’s most adaptable and expandable powertrain in terms of space, levels of electrification, and power delivery. Developed to meet the highly varied needs of different customers around the world, the Hi-X can be used for A-segment to C-segment models and in HEV/PHEV/REEV configurations for brands within Geely Auto Group


The next generation DHE1.5(1.5TD) is a dedicated hybrid engine developed by a 500-person global engineering team over 5 years and will be the world’s first mass-produced supercharged direct injection hybrid dedicated engine. This new engine adopts four advanced technologies including high-pressure direct injection, a supercharger, a Miller-cycle, and low-pressure EGR to achieve the world’s highest thermal efficiency for a mass-produced engine of 43.32%. Its indicated thermal efficiency has reached 52.5% and offers the highest torque and power within its class.

The world’s most advanced 3-speed DHT Pro is a core module of the Hi-X platform. DHT Pro will be the world’s first mass-produced 3-speed hybrid transmission. It integrates two E-motors (P1+P2), transmission, and E-controllers while weighing only 120kg. With a maximum torque output of 4920 N•m, the DHT Pro achieves a torque to weight ratio of an astounding 41N•m/kg. With dual E-motors, the DHT Pro ensures drivers have power on demand.  In addition, a new high-efficiency DCT EVO has also been developed from Geely’s 7DCTH with improved torque efficiency and performance while reducing weight.

A new E-Drive motor has been developed according to global luxury performance standards adopting a modular design and offering high-efficiency, high reliability, and fully customizable solutions. Leishen E-Drive adopts an 800V e-motor, silicon carbide power module, oil-cooling efficiency of 92% and maximum power of 475kW. Tuned for ultra-high performance, the E-Drive motor can even enable models to achieve 0-100km/h acceleration in under 3 seconds.

In an Hybrid Electric (HEV) configuration, the Hi-X reduces fuel consumption by 40% with an NEDC rating as low as 3.6L/100km. With a world-class 43.32% thermal efficiency supercharged hybrid engine, 3-speed DHT, and immediate e-motor power delivery, the Hi-X offers a drive experience like no other.

Hi-X is also the first hybrid platform capable of FOTA improvements of the entire hybrid powertrain system and offers as many as 20 intelligent driving modes. With strong data-driven learning capabilities, the smartest powertrain intelligent control unit (ICU), and perfect coordination between engine, transmission, and battery, the Hi-X is truly a platform which improves as it drives.

The Hi-X has a smart parallel drive mode which improves the efficiency of power delivery from both its engine and e-motors. Hi-X parallel drive mode can be entered in at speeds as low as 20km/h, much lower than other hybrid powertrain systems on the market which can only enter parallel drive modes at speeds above 70km/h, the difference enables Hi-X to have a 20% improved system efficiency. The DHT Pro also offers a catapult start feature improving standing acceleration by 50%. In addition, through smarter utilization of its 3 gears, acceleration between 80km-120km/h is improved for high-speed overtaking by releasing 60% of reserved power.

The first models to utilize the Leishen Hi-X platform powertrain system will be Geely Auto’s flagship “Star” series that includes the Xing Yue (Tugella) and Xing Rui (Preface) products. Over the next three years, Geely Holding Group’s family of brands will offer a diverse variety of electrified powertrain options including HEV, long-range PHEV, and range-extended EVs.

Through Leishen Power, Geely re-doubles its commitment to sustainable development and accelerating the realization of full carbon neutrality. The products and technologies available from Leishen Power enable automakers to offer users the most advanced, most efficient, electrified powertrain solutions in the world. Leishen Power breaks with the one-sizes fits all mindset on reducing emissions and provides consumers with low emission sustainable mobility without sacrificing user experience.


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