Geely Auto International successfully conducts Marketing Key Position Training for Distributors
Nov 29, 2023
  • Geely Auto International Corporation (GAIC) hosted its first marketing key position training from November 20 to 24, 2023, themed "Exploring New Knowledge, Empowering Enhancement," with 22 participants from 12 countries at the "Geely School."
  • The program is part of GAIC's strategy to strengthen global talent, share best practices, and address market demands, emphasizing innovation, user experience, and strategic partnerships.
  • Participants visited the Geely Brand Pavilion, Research Institute, and manufacturing facilities, providing an immersive experience into Geely's brand values, culture, and work excellence, receiving high praise from attendees.
  • The training aimed to enrich global partners’ perspectives and knowledge, aligning with Geely Auto's commitment to strengthening brand image construction and delivering high-quality products and services worldwide.

Last November 20 to 24, 2023, GAIC initiated the inaugural marketing key position training and certification, themed "Exploring New Knowledge, Empowering Enhancement." Twenty-two participants from 12 different countries assembled at the "Geely School," embarking on a four-day journey of exploration and self-improvement. This initiative aims to bolster GAIC's global talent skill reservoir, sharing of best practices and addressing the increasing demands of the market globally.



As the event commenced, Michael Song, the General Manager of Geely Auto International Corporation extended a warm welcome to the students who traveled from different parts of the world. He mentioned the following message: "2023 marks a pivotal year for Geely Auto in realizing actualizing its internationalization strategy. Geely Auto global influence sets a new benchmark, propelled by innovation, revolving around providing user experience organizational capabilities, talent development, and strategic partnerships. Geely Auto has crafted a robust and effective system oriented towards taking on the international stage. Confronted with market shifts and uncertainties, we must employ strategic thinking to navigate the future. We anticipate that everyone will gain wisdom and experience during the training, sincerely hoping that each individual reaps genuine rewards, as we are not merely participants in this era but architects of this new age.”



The training curriculum is divided into two major segments: the enhancement of marketing skills and exchange of practical case studies. Encompassing various subdomains of marketing such as brand, public relations, and digital/social media. The program will deliver a nuanced explanation of global marketing trends and brand insights through a blend of theory and practice.


Moreover, Geely Auto International offered global partners the opportunity to visit the Geely Brand Pavilion, Research Institute, and manufacturing facilities, providing an immersive experience of Geely's brand value, culture and work excellence. The diverse and well-crafted course design sparked partners' enthusiasm for learning and initiative, garnering unanimous acclaim. After the said training, several partners shared their reflections.

“I think I can sum it up in two words. One is everything that we experience here was very insightful and interesting, insightful, because I think a lot of it was very new. Because we got to know a lot more in depth about Geely about different markets, their challenges; and interesting because I think a lot of effort was put into preparing this for us. And so it meant that we were also able to enjoy it the presenters were extremely energetic and informative and fun” Robin Annand from Iraq.


“I had high expectation. I was expecting lots of Information, lots of data, and meeting amazing people, and it did not fail my expectation at all” Tony Saade from UAE.



Gaining a broad perspective and accumulating knowledge is akin to drawing from a deep well before bringing it to the surface. Geely Auto is ready to anticipate collaborating with global partners to steadfastly uphold and increase brand image construction, through leveraging the value of a leading global automotive brand that surpasses conventional boundaries, strive for excellence, and deliver products and services with heightened quality and perception to global users.



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