Geely Auto launched the Middle East Spare Parts Center
Aug 16, 2023
  • Geely Auto inaugurated its Middle East Spare Parts Distribution Center in Dubai. The event signifies an important upgrade for Geely Auto and an important localization effort.
  • The new distribution center operates with a focus on "efficiency, agility, and intelligence". It aims to enhance customer service by incorporating digital technology and innovative solutions to elevate the quality of terminal services.
  • The distribution center will enhance Geely Auto's logistic networks in the Middle East, covering 35 countries including Middle East, Africa, and Pan-European countries.
  • The distribution center showcases intelligent storage, refined logistics, and humanized operations. Geely Auto emphasizes precision and efficiency in warehouse management, addressing the evolving needs of digital logistics industry.

On July 4, 2023 , Geely Middle East Parts Distribution Center started operation at JAFZA ONE Convention Center in Dubai, marking a comprehensive upgrade of Geely Automobile's overseas service system layout and an important milestone in Geely's localization process.


With "efficiency, agility, and intelligence" at its core, Geely Middle East Parts Distribution Center implements the "customer centered" service with practical actions, through the blessing of digital technology, and diversified innovations to promote the improvement of terminal service quality. The parts distribution center is further improving Geely's colleagues in the localized logistics network in the Middle East. The service can cover 35 countries including the Middle East, Africa, and Pan-Europe.


On the same day, Geely Middle East held the first regional dealer service conference to comprehensively convey Geely's new service strategy. Xu Jiangnan, service director of Geely Middle East Company, pointed out at the meeting: "Under the globalized competitive landscape, it is very important to adhere to the 'customer-centric' and create excellent customer experience. The start-up and operation of the Middle East spare parts center is the first step toward 'new (heart)'."


In the future, the service team of Geely Middle East will work with dealers to focus on improving customer satisfaction, so that consumers can enjoy more comfortable, professional, efficient and considerate services. "The application of digital and intelligent technologies empowers parts supply, response speed, and parts operation process. Geely joins hands with regional partners to provide more possibilities for Geely to continue to deepen the layout of the localized logistics network in the Middle East.


Representatives of the Middle East dealer service team visited the warehouse of the parts distribution center and learned on the spot that Geely parts distribution center has realized intelligent storage, refined logistics, and humanized operation. In terms of warehouse management, in line with the upgrading needs of the new digital logistics industry, from storage to delivery, from information flow to logistics, every detail has been strictly certified and analyzed. In addition, they were also invited to visit Geely Automobile's first overseas new standard showroom-Deira showroom in Dubai, and experienced the various service facilities of the showroom.


Geely Auto has always practiced the user-centered service concept. On the basis of accurately grasping the market and gaining insight into the needs of users and dealers, Geely has continuously improved its service capabilities, created new service experience, delivered brand value, and enhanced user loyaltyintegrated more service resources, and effectively improved key points in serviceto ensure superior experiences for users in the Middle East and around the world.