Geely Auto Starts Delivery of Flagship Electric Yinhe E8 Sedan
Jan 5, 2024

Yinhe E8 Yellow


• Geely Auto’s first Sustainable Experience Architecture (SEA) based electric sedan begins delivery

• Segment leading 45-inch 8K resolution smart touch capable ‘Galatic Screen’

• The Yinhe E8 is the first pure electric model of Geely’s high-end electrified ‘Yinhe’ series.

• Supported by the Yinhe N-OS, the Yinhe E8 offers users the most seamless smart mobility experience to date

• First model in product series to support satellite connectivity to ‘Geely Future Mobility Constellation’

• Yinhe E8 has performance as standard: 475kW max power, 0-100km/h acceleration of 3.49s, up to 665km range, and ultra-fast charging of 180km in 5 minutes


2024 January 05th, Hangzhou. Geely Auto Group (Geely Auto) officially kicks off the sales and delivery of the first flagship electric Yinhe E8 EV sedan from its Yinhe product series at an event in Hangzhou’s Lotus Olympic Center.


The Yinhe E8 as the first Geely Auto model utilizing Geely Holding Group’s Sustainable Experience Architecture (SEA) accelerates the brand’s electrified and intelligent transforma tion. The new model allows users to experience next-generation vehicle technologies, and a glimpse at the future of smart mobility.


Turning Heads on the Road

Bringing a concept to life, the Yinhe E8 adopts the future tech-inspired design language exhibited on the Yinhe Light concept unveiled last year. The Yinhe product series takes Geely’s symbolic ‘Ripple Wave’ grille into the smart electric era. Yinhe E8 features the world’s first integrated luminous ‘Ripple of Light’ front face/grille. Set with 158 micro-lights the luminous grille is programmable and customizable with over 100 different light shows.


Optimizing for a better electric drive, the Yinhe E8 body is set low and wide like a crouching tiger, improving its center of gravity and driving experience, ultimately bringing its drag coefficient down to an industry leading 0.199. The Yinhe E8 also comes with an active air intake in its grille which intelligently adjusts itself based on current driving conditions, reducing air resistance and improving cooling efficiency. The Yinhe E8 also boasts the shortest solid-state lidar in its class at only 55mm tall.


Bringing Fun to the Ride

Improving passengers and driver comfort and enjoyment, the Yinhe E8 is the first Geely model to feature the ‘Yinhe Panoramic Smart Cockpit’. Inside, occupants have access to a segment leading 45-inch 8k resolution unbounded smart touch ‘Galactic Screen’ that ranks first in size and clarity. Together with the Yinhe N-OS Unbounded edition, top of the line Qualcomm Snapdragon 8295 vehicle chip, and Flyme Link connectivity platform, the ‘Yinhe Panoramic Smart Cockpit’ brings its users a smarter and more immersive visual experience.


Intelligent voice interaction responds in as quick as 0.23 seconds and also works outside the vehicle. With Flyme Link, seamless connectivity between devices is supported. Even connections between vehicle and drones are supported, the Yinhe E8 is world’s first production model available with a vehicle-mounted drone in the vehicle trunk that can fly along with the vehicle and send real-time images back to the Galactic Screen. In addition, the Yinhe E8 will be the first model of the product series to support satellite connectivity with the “Geely Future Mobility Constellation.”


Elevating in-vehicle entertainment to another level, ‘Yinhe Cinema’ supports multi-screen viewing of streaming services, change ambient lighting, and switch on the intelligent fragrance system. In addition, the ‘Yinhe Concert’ brings to full play the model’s Harman floating “reflecting moon” hi-fi speaker system. Making use of the exceptional cabin audio quality, users can enjoy a packed music library with over a million songs and the Yinhe N-OS optimized Thunderstone KTV app.


For riders looking for more entertainment, the ‘Yinhe Playground’ is available with multitude of highly compatible video games including the award-winning Asphalt 9. The specially customized version of “Asphalt 9” comes with 53 maps, 104 playable vehicles, and integrates with many of Yinhe E8’s actual hardware such as the AC, ambient lighting, and intelligent fragrance system. The game can be played in single player mode or dual-screen mode with other riders. While in drive, independent operability of the driver side and passenger side of the screen allows passenger to play as they enjoy their ride.


Adding Joy to the Drive

As Geely Auto’s first SEA-based electric model, the Yinhe E8 comes with the highest level of performance, safety, and driveability in its segment. The Yinhe E8 comes equipped with the latest generation 800V electrical architecture supports blazing fast charging speeds of up to 180km in just 5 minutes. Empowered by the latest generation high-performance silicon carbide electric drive motors providing up to 475kW of power, the Yinhe E8 can accelerate from 0 to 100km/h in just 3.49 seconds. As a mark of confidence in handling and safety, the Yinhe E8 has been through the infamous moose test, which it passed with a speed of 82km/h.


Utilizing Geely Holding Group’s in-house developed and produced batteries, the Yinhe E8 is offered to users with three range options of 550km, 620km, and 665km. The Yinhe E8 batteries has undergone the strictest levels of testing exceeding national standards and is protected by Geely Auto’s Aegis battery safety system, the latest generation intelligent battery management system, and monitored 24/7 by the Wise Star Cloud Connected Central Computing System.


Protecting occupants and batteries, the Yinhe E8 comes standard with an integrated high-strength steel frame and anti-collision cage for the battery. In addition, the vehicle makes use of the industry’s first “dragonfly” force guidance structural design which guides collision force to the vehicle frame away from passengers and critical components. Ten anti-collision crumple zones are built in from aviation-grade aluminum alloy with a thickness of 163mm, the highest in its class. Inside, next-generation leaping airbags protect driver and passengers from touchscreen and windshield damage.


The new Yinhe E8 from Geely Auto’s flagship Yinhe series showcases the latest technology available from the brand, accelerating Geely Auto further into the smart electric era. The model offers mainstream users a high-end, high-intelligence, high-tech mobility experience exceeding their expectations. Official sale and deliveries of the Yinhe E8 for China market users begin in January 2024 and will expand to global markets in the near future.


Yinhe E8 Bridge 

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