Geely’s Leishen Power Wins “High-Performance Inverter Hybrid Platform Technology” Award for 2023
Dec 14, 2023

From December 7th to 9th 2023, The World New Energy Vehicle Conference was held at the Hainan International Convention and Exhibition Center in China. At the same time, the results of the 2023 Global New Energy Vehicle Frontier and Innovative Technology Selection were unveiled. Leishen Power, one of the Core Technologies of Geely Auto, has won the 2023 Global New Energy Vehicle Innovation Technology "High-performance Inverter Hybrid Platform Technology" Award. This achievement marks that Leishen Power's technological innovation in the field of hybrid power has been recognized by the industry and that Geely has fully empowered new products and new ecosystems with its world-leading technological advantages, creating a unique experience that exceeds expectations. 


Leishen’s core advantage in power efficiency empowers Geely's models, including Monjaro, Coolray, Starray, Okavango and the new Yinhe products. Geely is committed to providing benchmark products that exceed user expectations in each market segment in order to meet the diversified consumption needs of different customers around the world.


Award ceremony

(Wan Gang (left), Chairman of the China Association for Science and Technology and Chairman of the World New Energy Vehicle Conference, presented the award to Wang Ruiping (right), Senior Vice President of Geely Automobile Group and President of Power Research Institute)



Geely’s new technology innovation seamlessly switches between gears through a combination of clutches, enabling a dynamic "3 gears for the engine + 3 gears for the motor" configuration. This ensures that the engine consistently operates within the high-efficiency range. The Leishen Power's unique 3-speed variable frequency electric drive, DHT Pro, has attained international leadership in technical indicator such as torque-to-mass ratio, NVH, and overall vehicle fuel consumption.




Our high-efficiency hybrid engine incorporates the cutting-edge "Controllable Airflow" combustion technology. Guided by our innovative “Airflow Priority” development approach, we optimize airflow direction by refining the cylinder head boundaries. This optimization results in a remarkable 44% increase in turbulence within the cylinder and a 20% acceleration in combustion speed. Ultimately, we achieve an outstandingly high thermal efficiency of 44.26% for the mass production of dedicated hybrid engines


Focusing on innovative research and development, leading low-carbon development" is the core driving force behind Leishen Power's continuous breakthroughs in the field of power. Leishen Power will cooperate with more international high-end automobile brands in the future, realize the dual output of technology and products through unremitting innovation, and move towards a new course of high-quality and sustainable development, gradually establishing Geely Automobile's leading position and brand influence in global technology.


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