Dazzling Debut: Geely Shines in Saudi Arabia, Showcased New Energy Models Overseas
Dec 14, 2023

From December 5th to 9th, Saudi Arabia's largest automotive exhibition was grandly held at the Kingdom Arena in Riyadh. With over 50 globally renowned automotive brands participated, the event featured the on-site debut of more than 30 new car models. Geely, embodying its new brand attitude of "we're creating a better way of living," made a strong presence at this industry extravaganza with its flagship electric vehicle, the Yinhe E8, the clean energy Emgrand Methanol Hybrid sedan, and the new generation gasoline vehicle, Preface.




The "Triple Premiere" instantly captured the spotlight, showcasing Geely's research and manufacturing prowess, the latest achievements in the multi-energy field, and serving as a significant contribution to realizing Saudi Arabia's "2030 Vision" blueprint. As the three vehicles made their debut, nearly a hundred local media outlets competed to report on the event. Moreover, a large number of guests queued up on-site, eager to get a close-up view of the new car models.


Riyadh Motor Show audience


On the first day of the auto show, Mr. Fahd Al-Walan, Chairman of Wallan Group, and Mr. Alex Gu, Regional Sales Director of Geely Middle East, jointly unveiled the Geely Yinhe E8. Built on the SEA platform, the Yinhe E8 features a brand-new exterior design language that pays homage to the Yinhe Light concept car. The sleek coupe-style design is complemented by a range of cutting-edge global configurations and remarkable range of 665 kilometers integrating intelligence and performance seamlessly. The Yinhe E8 captured the hearts of many on-site guests from the moment they laid eyes on it. The Yinhe E8 is not just one of Geely's latest creations in pure electric technology; it is also a commitment to delivering an upgraded and improved lifestyle to consumers.




The fourth-generation Emgrand Methanol Hybrid sedan, the exclusive clean energy flagship model on the show, is the world's first vehicle equipped with a 1.8L methanol hybrid engine and a hybrid electric drive DHT system. It truly achieves a win-win scenario of "strong power" and "low energy consumption." With a more forward-looking sustainable development philosophy, it empowers users with more inclusive and open travel choice.


Emgrand Methanol Riyad Auto Show


Geely's first model in the era of Tech 4.0—the Preface—stands as the representative product in the current lineup of gasoline vehicles. The Preface features a streamlined body design incorporating wide-body designs, coupled with an outstanding powertrain system, catering to the diverse travel needs of local consumers. Additionally, a lineup of global core models such as Starray, Coolray, Monjaro, and others made simultaneous appearances, enriching the product matrix to precisely cover various segmented markets, creating a diverse mobility ecosystem for users in the Middle East.




Mr. Fahd Al-Walan, during the unveiling ceremony, shared, "Every Geely vehicle brings a vision of luxury, high performance, and sustainability into life, ensuring unparalleled experiences for users in every journey." Mr. Alex Gu, Regional Director for the Middle East, also emphasized, "Geely's vision is to build a sustainable future. Our commitment to continuous improvement in innovation, safety, and design is aimed at achieving a more intelligent, technological, and economical driving experience, constantly surpassing and enhancing the driving satisfaction of our users."


E8 Screen


At the Riyadh Auto Show, Geely exemplified its brand core proposition, "See the world in full," through the strength of its products. Geely, using the new brand concept as a focal point, aims to further enhance its multi-energy product layout strategy. This continuous effort not only contributes to the acceleration of Saudi Arabia's "2030 Vision" but also expands the product lineup, combining safety, technology, innovative thinking, and design. The goal is to provide users in the Middle East and around the world with a new perspective and possibilities to explore the world and life, creating an accessible travel ecosystem.



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