Integration of Aesthetics and Technology: Geely's Approach to Next-Generation Vehicles
Apr 27, 2024

 Starship side


Beijing, China — As the global automotive industry has developed, numerous innovative designs have resulted in generations of carefully-crafted classic models that provide global users with exceptional driving experiences which seamlessly blend aesthetics with technology. Geely Design adheres to maintain a keen understanding of global aesthetics and user demands, integrating the essence of Chinese aesthetics with Geely's modern technology to provide users with a high-value mobility experience offering "Chinese design, global aesthetics".


The Next Generation is coming - Starship Prototype


With the unveiling of Geely’s flagship prototype, Starship, during the 2024 Beijing Auto Show, Geely design is once again in the spotlight. The newly revealed prototype further interprets the "Expanding Cosmos of Ripples" of the Yinhe family’s design language. This continuous evolution demonstrates Geely’s core innovative technologies in the fields of electrification, digitalization, and AI intelligence.


Starship angle


Positioned as Geely’s technology flagship SUV, the new concept car is Geely’s latest cutting-edge “AI smart space”. The “first civilian Galaxy Space Station” design concept is the cornerstone of intelligent experience. It breaks the boundaries of traditional mobility experiences to create AI smart cars for the electric age. The result is a perfect balance between technology and design that consider the space from the perspective of Eastern philosophy and culture aesthetics to create a more connected, humanized, and warm experience, which also lead the direction of future automobile design.


Starship interior


A Value-added New Design Aesthetic Philosophy: Culturally-Rooted, Customer-Driven, Always on trend


The brand-new Geely design starts with a profound understanding of customer needs. The cool AI technology is designed to be a warm experience that users can understand. Inheriting Geely’s design heritage, the Geely design icon derived from the ripple of water, now evolves into the ripples of galaxy, which applied on YInhe E8 and Starship - that representing a classic and timeless ethos embracing the future smart technology. It also interprets the unique rhythmic beauty of the "Ripple" icon through photoelectric techniques. This not only expresses the resulting integration and evolution of modern technology but is also an extension of the “Expanding Cosmos of Ripples” in the smart electric era and the creation of an eastern artistic aesthetic.


Taking Yinhe E8 as an example; it harnesses the light and shadow to present a broad and sleek silhouette. The Ripple front face features Geely-developed optoelectronic technology that makes it the world’s first mass-produced integrated luminous front face. The aggressive body posture looks like a crouching tiger, and together with the eave-shaped front light set shapes a powerful, dynamic and highly attractive front face. The taillights intimate the rising sun, an auspicious Chinese symbolism. Other design details such as the rhythmic luminous logo and frameless doors further highlight the unique charm of the Geely design language, making Yinhe unforgettable at first sight.


The purpose of design is to address user demands. In the era of intelligent electric vehicles, lower aerodynamic drag allows users to enjoy higher range and value. Therefore, Yinhe E8 also achieved an ultra-low drag coefficient of 0.199 at a test speed of 120 km/h through over 20 aerodynamic design details across the entire vehicle, providing users with a "responsible" high-value design, with lower consumption, more economy, and environmental friendliness.


High-Value Design Going Global


Exquisite craftsmanship, unique design aesthetics, and a deep understanding of customer needs have put Geely’s design in the spotlight within the global electric vehicle industry. Since winning the IDA Design Award, the iF Design Award, and the MUSE Design Award, the Yinhe E8 recently achieved another highly prestigious honor — the 2024 Red Dot Product Design Award. This accolade places it at the pinnacle of global design, garnering worldwide recognition for the Yinhe Series’ high-value design.


E8 interior


To meet global market needs, Geely is also expanding its design team with global talents. It comprises more than 500 professional designers from over 20 countries and territories around the world. Working collaboratively across the globe, they bring together a wealth of cultural backgrounds and diverse design elements.


Geely is committed to leveraging this diversity to consistently explore innovative design around the world to continuously launch a diverse array of high-value products, offering excellent vehicles that seamlessly integrate superior design and advanced technology.


Moving forward, Geely will continue to root itself in cultural traditions around the world, merging design aesthetics with technology. Empowered by the new brand tagline “See the world in full”, Geely is now evoking an inclusive experience with its iconic and high value design. It is leading a path to amplify Chinese automotive design by bringing high-value Geely design to the world stage.


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