Enjoying the World of Ice with Geely Auto
Mar 20, 2024

Tugella aerial view


Geely's diverse range of models has taken on the freezing cold conditions in several Eastern European countries with ease. Their design, perfect for the icy weather, sparks an interest in experiencing the powerful engines' performance amidst the snow and ice.


In the extreme -40°C temperatures of Eastern Europe, the Monjaro has impressively completed thorough testing, both static and dynamic. The tests carefully looked at how well it could handle turns, climb hills, and stay steady in a straight line. Thanks to its powerful engine, modern suspension system, and strong four-wheel drive, the Monjaro moves smoothly over snowy and icy roads. Its controls for accelerating, stopping, and turning are so precise that drivers can easily manage every move. Plus, the Monjaro's advanced heating system keeps the inside warm, ensuring everyone stays comfortable even in the coldest weather. The Monjaro is leading the way in overcoming the challenges of extremely cold climates.


Monjaro snow


At the Shahdag ski resort in Azerbaijan, Geely hosted a "Coolday Party" bursting with winter vibes, welcoming 15,000 guests from across the country. The event featured the Geely Coolray, whose unique "energy storm" design stole the show against the stunning backdrop of snow-covered mountains, drawing in crowds who couldn't help but stop to take some photos. Alongside the Coolray showcase, famous local DJs and dancers lit up the scene, sparking a sense of adventure in everyone to embrace and conquer the icy landscapes during the cold winter months.


Coolday party


Geely took the excitement to Moldova with an ice and snow driving challenge, putting the spotlight on the Geely Tugella and its top-notch driving performance in snowy and windy conditions. The Tugella strikes a flawless mix of sportiness and comfort. It boasts a robust four-wheel drive system, a design with genuine European flair, impressive suspension that works independently, and a snow mode tailor-made for winter conditions. Amid the snowy wilds, the Geely Tugella makes a compelling dynamic statement. With its bold front and eye-catching side profile, it looks incredible against the tranquil snow-covered landscape. The Tugella's unique and forward-thinking design not only stands out but also reflects a modern take on classic elegance, showcasing a sense of sportiness that captures the essence of contemporary technological beauty.


Tugella back snow


Since 2006, Geely Auto has been making its mark in Eastern Europe, focusing on growing its market share with exceptional products and comprehensive capabilities. Over the years, Geely's sales and brand impact have consistently risen. By 2023, Geely earned the distinction of being the best-selling Chinese auto brand in several Eastern European nations, including Moldova and Georgia. Specifically, the Geely Coolray stood out, leading the pack as the top-selling Chinese brand in the crossover market segment in Azerbaijan.


Geely's range of models has proven to be well-suited for the icy and snowy conditions of Eastern Europe, much to the delight of users there. Geely Auto is committed to maintaining its strong brand image and aims to further increase its presence by offering high-quality products. This approach is geared towards providing global users with travel experiences that go beyond expectations.


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