Geely Auto Embraces Global Horizons with "See the World in Full" Vision
Apr 27, 2024


Beijing, China - In a transformative initiative aimed at redefining global consumer perceptions and enhancing engagement, Geely is establishing an inclusive mobility ecosystem in line with its globalization strategy via refreshing a new brand image, unleashing a more dynamic and inspiring spirit under a tagline “See the World in Full." Accompanied by a comprehensive visual redesign that includes updates to its website and a new look and feel, this change marks the beginning of a series of multimedia campaigns set to unfold throughout the year. These developments underscore Geely’s renewed commitment to innovative, sustainable mobility and establishing a unique global identity that prioritizes human experience above all else


Derived from exploration, elevating your fulfillment


At the heart of Geely's new direction is humanity's inherent desire for novelty and adventure. With the focus on being human-centric, Geely is committed to placing people and experiences at the forefront of everything we do. This philosophy is about empowering individuals to explore, discover, and experience life to enrich their lives without limits. By utilizing advanced automotive technology, design, and safety, Geely is dedicated to making the user experience more fulfilling and enjoyable. The brand is committed to providing high value and creating a better way of living, connecting and inspiring individuals to experience the world around them in unprecedented ways.



Refreshed Sensory experience, a touchable interpretation of the essence


The aesthetic reinvention of Geely extends beyond mere visuals, setting the stage for a brand experience that encompasses the essence of inclusivity, surprise, and upliftment. The sensory experience refreshes starting from the visual and keeps extending to every aspect in user’s daily life with Geely brand, inspiring more interaction and discovery. For example, the color scheme—ranging from futuristic & freedom -inducing blue to sport & adventurous -signaling green, red for excitement & speed and neutral for premium & luxury —alongside the trendy yet timeless design language, narrates Geely's bold step forward. It's a new image for global consumers, reflecting a commitment to creating daily moments of discovery and enriching the journey of every explorer.


Continuous optimization: Elevating Experiences in full


With its renewed brand tagline and image, Geely accelerates into a future where its global strategy unfolds with renewed vigor, optimizing product strategy and user experiences to foster a sustainable global mobility ecosystem. 2024 marks a year where Geely intensifies its market presence, from steadfast ventures in core markets to new frontiers like Latin America, Central Asia, ASEAN, and Pan-Europe. With initiatives like developing right-hand drive models(tbc) and enhancing regional manufacturing to deliver high-quality products, Geely is expanding its global footprint. Meanwhile, by upgrading service standards and enhancing customer experience, Geely is determined to offer superior user sales and service experiences worldwide.


As Geely invites the world to witness its transformation, "See the World in Full" is not just a tagline—it's a commitment to fostering an inclusive mobility ecosystem that exceeds expectations for all experience seekers. This is the dawn of a new chapter, a beginning where every journey with Geely is an invitation to explore, connect, be inspired, and empower the future—fully.


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Geely Auto International Corporation Public Relations