Geely Auto refreshed the Versatile and Practical 7-seater Okavango in Panama
Jun 19, 2024

Okavango launch Panama


Panama, May 23, 2024 – Geely Auto unveiled the facelifted 7-seater SUV Okavango in Panama. Positioned as an all-encompassing family-oriented SUV that combines the practicality and versatility in both business and leisure situations, the new Okavango offers more handling agility and riding comfort than ever before.


More than 200 users, journalists, and influencers attended the launch event, and witnessed the debut of the new Okavango in Panama City, the capital of Panama. In the Okavango, they experienced the philosophy “every seat should be as cozy as the driver’s seat”. As a vehicle designed for family use, the Okavango pushes riding comfort to the next level by upgrading all 7 seats to be individually adjustable, so as to ensure large and comfortable space for every passenger.


From the first day that Geely started to build vehicles, the reliability of whole automotive product life cycle is at the corner stone of the company. Danilo, an Okavango owner who survived a serious car crash, shared his story at the event and became the first owner of the new Okavango in Panama. “I was driving my Okavango when the accident suddenly happened, and my life was totally saved thanks to the car. The subsequent rescue process and service was also a great relief for me. That’s why me and my wife decided that our family’s next car should be the Okavango!”


Okavango interior


At the heart of the new Okavango is its commitment to providing better driving experience and as well as riding experience for the whole family. The powertrain is increased to 2.0TD, providing maximum performance across a wide variety of road conditions, especially for highways and mountain roads. Aesthetically, it adopts a vertical grill which is inspired by the frozen waterfall, conveying a static beauty with premium looks. Lastly, to provide another layer of passive safety, the new model is capable of assisting in avoiding possible collision with a pack of features including BSD, DOW, LCA, RCW, RCTA, and more.


Geely entered Panamanian market on 2022 May and quickly became one of the best-selling brands with its rich product lineup that includes electric and gas vehicles. It has won recognition from the industry, being the first automotive brand to take home the accolade of the Most Effective Brand in Panama by effie Awards.


“People in Panama have high standards when it comes to cars, for them safety and comfort are paramount when choosing a family car,” Said Michael Gao, Sales Director of GEELY LATAM. “The debut of the new Okavango is an example of our continuous endeavor to build high value vehicles that are desired by the locals, with modern design, strong power and utmost safety.”


Okavango exterior


Panama is located in the southernmost part of Central America, with a role of importance to connect the North America and radiate to Central American and Caribbean market. Growing with great momentum to become a widely trusted auto brand in Panama and Latin America, Geely will continue to deliver high value models and improve local sales network.


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