Towards a more sustainable future

Geely is convinced that sustainability has become a core driver for innovation and future development in the automotive industry. As a responsible corporate citizen, to practice sustainability, we need to minimise our own negative environmental and social impacts.

More importantly, as we operate in an ecosystem composed of businesses, consumers, employees, investors, partners, and society as a whole, we need to strike a balance between social impacts, environmental benefits, and corporate financial performance to create more shared value.

Geely Sustainability Report

Geely has released an annual Corporate Social Responsibility Reports (“CSR Report”) for eight consecutive years since 2012.

In 2020, the “CSR Report” was renamed the “Sustainability Report” to reflect Geely’s commitment to embrace the challenges and opportunities that come with global sustainability.

Sustainability values are integrated in corporate governance so that, together with the industry, we can develop solutions to demonstrate to all our stakeholders our dedication to sustainability and our ambition to contribute to global sustainability goals.

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