With in-depth sponsorship of Panama Fashion Week, Geely brand interprets fashion quality
Oct 1, 2022


As an important event in Panama's fashion industry, Panama Fashion Week was held from September 26th to October 2nd. Geely, serving as one of the main sponsors, attended the show and cooperated deeply with the fashion gala to show the brand's fashion genes. At the exhibition, COOLRAY was used to pick up and drop off models and designers, while AZKARRA was employed as the DJ main stage for the show. A number of supermodels shared their feelings with excitement and took photos with the cars. They commented, "The fashionable texture of COOLRAY really surprises me", "The space experience of AZKARRA is beyond imagination". The fashion week sponsored by Geely is not only another new attempt of co-branding marketing but also a practical manifestation of Geely's ongoing efforts to build a young and international brand and implement the "Be Brand New" strategy.